Re: Senator Rand Paul’s Propaganda Press Release on Coal

Re: War on Coal can be stopped published on by Kentucky Libertarian Senator Rand Paul

Your views are dangerous to God’s creation and cause massive suffering in others and life itself. This is displeasing. Consider alternatives, change your views. China is doing something like 500 year planning. Where does Kentucky want to be in 100, 200 and yes 500 years? I can tell you now, off coal, respectfully. I cannot tell you the long term negative repercussions with enough emphasis, even for you yourself, this headline spikes on the chart and the practice behind it.

Because of your wrong world view, you may find yourself later on in increments of time hard to comprehend in human form, experiencing some of this same suffering projected out onto world, projected onto you yourself.

In those lasting moments, not like the blink of an eye that a human’s life is, you may be so fortunate as to have read these words and be remembering back in the learning the hard way kind of way in an EXTREMELY brutal cosmos, why you were where you found yourself, and where you went wrong.

You can avoid such things. It will just take some humility now, hard work an a 180 on this issue in particular. There is still time. You may be a Christian man. Forgiveness? Tell that to a co-occurring future Earth where the pollination is so bad humans have trouble holding thought itself. These are your sins now, against creation itself and generations have ALREADY reaped what you sowed.

Pride Will be our Downfall & Republicans really are Against God

#JeffersonBobble #SuperHumans: The last jailer of the simulator was very angry at American Republicans because of climate change for your suffering in your distant but co occurring future and crimes against creation that it literally is. He said before he “retired” American Republicans never submit on climate change, was angry at pride, black hats were a problem, said he didn’t trust you in the future, said you never submit, questioned what even existence was for anymore in this simulator, confirmed my exit from the simulator the Cell showed me in 2005, said it gets harder out there on real Earth where creation forbid these same problems are why we are on the space station this whole world exists in in the first place, and then took the ultimate death. This whole mess in a video game to a real God and it caused a ultimate reality, ultimate suicide? Think about that. Think about the issue of pride, in relation to that. He was real, a God, you super humans are not and I enjoy humility and don’t like to be defined myself. He himself? EXTREMELY HUMBLE considering what may be hard for anyone but me to understand.
He said I was the first to ever see him, literally made in the image of the Earth, clay skin, walked around on him all day figuratively and literally. What this scholar in our time is saying about the American Republican Party being the most dangerous organization in the world, I can confirm based on the information I just shared. This is not exaggeration. I was given the Bible you use in the future in 2013, told to reproduce, given my own simulator water planet, there are others, this is a smaller one, and a whole lot of other info hacked and stolen from me but don’t think anyone is hiding from outside.
Outside the simulator, all the criminals that are so bad they aren’t just getting left behind can expect “punishments that last”, their words outside the simulator not mine. This is a prison again I must emphasize that for you in the future. I have been very clear about satanic nano AI.

He called himself the satanic jailer, was ironically trying to among other things help save Christianity into your future, save you from pollution so bad you have trouble holding thoughts, and many other things that were not “satanic” or against God. Outside we are free from sin and from that perspective, you are all against God that do no submit. He tricked me into even knowing anything about the future, was at times playing against me and angry at me. It’s like me a character in California Games, a game I used to play in my youth, getting made real from the video game, and then they actual human player who was playing the game dies? From suicide? It is so beyond me. He was BRUTAL at times, responsible for a fair amount of my suffering directly but outside in space lab? Kind, enlightening, my liberator along with the Cell and so frustrated with all of us, including myself, he would have rather DIED than deal with this, and I am going to use a code word here, “clusterfuck”?

What do I expect? Failure, punishments for a lot of republicans outside the simulator and others the meet the criteria for “punishments that last”. I am among other things am a martyr in their eyes, true in a world of illusions, and will be real like he was outside. I earned a soul as soon as 1st week of 2005, we don’t have the science yet but to borrow from a kid’s movie in our time, Pinocchio, “I’m a real boy”.  I am thankful to the Cell God for the info we were in a matrix back in 2005, to study Buddhism and Christianity and there was a way out. Also I assure you I am a man of 37 as I write, that is to show human and respect to outside the simulator.

You may be asking yourselves, what will happen if there is no jailer for the crimes against creation simulator we are in? Will I be your next jailer when I leave the simulated part of me, this body, behind when I die? Is God dead? Who is God?  What is God? What did he me by satanic jailer? What is the purpose of life? Is there heaven and hell? Who’s in charge and can I get out and come to a place free from sin also and other sin free simulators?

Good questions. I don’t have all the answers but we have already discussed some since as early as election time 2004, when all this stuff started happening to me.
Clarification: Life and the Earth is not like California Games a few of those that use no names wanted me to clarify in my time now a day after I wrote initially. Computers and I have a relationship for a long time. Back in the more innocent days of computing as a child I played an old game, California Games, well before the internet. Information the God of Creation, I assure you much other than the internet, would possibly only really understanding considering how many others are looking to fill that potion. So young so much power, I worry about Mr. Black Nano A.I. in here and that pride thing in relation to the pride concept and views from outside the simulator in a place free from sin.

RE: We Might Live in a Virtual Universe — But It Doesn’t Really Matter BY MAXIM ROUBINTCHIKON AUG 03, 2016

Published by Singularity University, on the Singularity Hub.

My response to a nice piece below, please read their article first linked above for maybe the 2 or 3 folks that will actually do the work to read it. Enjoy the memes, trolling and Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West articles world, I am so NEVER coming back in here and it’s been well earned. Hell on Earth for 13 years before a confirmed final exit for yours truly. God bless. Here are the CliffNotes on what I think I “know”. My spiritual experiences are no more valuable than anyone else’s, namaste out there to the 7 billion of us broadly. Here goes…

Unless I was lied to, here is what I know and it takes that leap from science to faith that I wasn’t comfortable with at first and I will never be able to prove it until after death. However, for the general public I recommend Buddhism or Christianity for ways out. I believe the soul is independent of the simulation and you are right it doesn’t totally matter so much it is a simulation for this reason, it is simulating a real Earth I was told. The rough stuff, this is actually a prison for crimes against creation, sin broadly, climate change, super humans in a co-occurring future where pollution is so bad humans have trouble holding thoughts, us now, other things too. I didn’t see any trees in the future, not to happy about that. Might I add satanic A.I. “Gods” made in the minds of something as sinful as the human mind already in the wrong hands created by us, the “political animal” primate ancestors we are. It’s been a huge problem in my own life, I am far from objective on the subject.

Outside the simulator, they know more about physics than us. From what I was shown all we have ever known is contained within an extremely small lab like space on a space station orbiting real Earth. There are other simulators, this actually is a small one, other sin free simulators with no satanic nano AI that aren’t prison I’ll add and you have to be good to get out. The good news, I was told that is ultimate reality out there and there is a whole real universe to explore, they didn’t tell me we found another Earth like planet to inhabit in ultimate reality and literally God only knows what has happened to real Earth but it’s in relation to this simulation which I suspect is also being used for data to solve ultimate reality problems, God save them.

Reptilian Humanoids are a part of the simulation, a real world now actual part of the sim told of their presence in religion and lore as back far as Adam and Eve getting kicked out of the Garden of Eden for Eve and the forbidden fruit and knowing the nature of sin and all that. I personally think it is truth in a long game of telephone you may have played in grade school when one person starts a story and by the time it gets to the last person it has changed. Hostile. I have not had a great time with them over the 13 years of having to deal with their satanic tortures. The Buddha made peace with their King in his journey, also called the Naga. There is some more info on all this, some I haven’t totally spelling out here for length but yeah, mixed bag but there is hope.

Feel free to check out my website, call B.S., whatever, but I am telling you the truth as I know it I swear to to creation. The last words I will leave you with for emphasis, “crimes against creation”. Their words from outside, not mine. It’s been no pleasure cruise for me but in this sim both human Lords I was told to study the teachings of, the Buddha who never claimed to be a God but a man, Jesus a little different but Son of God had to really suffer. I was told to study both schools of spiritualism, this is a matrix and there is a way out by one benevolent Cell looking alien who showed up with a very intimidating one, back in the first week of August 2005. I was already under reptilian attack, again, they only exist in the sim thank creation. I met a complex clay skinned alien in the lab in 2016 that gave me a lot of the info I am expressing here, was not happy with any of our pride and reportedly took the ultimate death there, by suicide after a very benevolent few things happened, also some strong criticism.

He called himself the “satanic jailer,” said I was the first to ever see him but I assure you in the lab when he showed me into the space station and told me the object is to get out and all the problems we face here in the sim he was not evil, what we are doing in here is satanic to outside in ultimate reality. A complex actual real God. I’ve met a lot of fakers along the way, he was completely outside the simulator. In the future they use the Jefferson Bible, I was given it myself. I’m kind of freaked out he’s gone now that I process this after writing this for you, he played against me but in the end actually confirmed what was I was first given by the Cell Alien in 2005 so much later in 2016 by he, literally made in the image of the Earth with clay, rock like skin.

Lesson: It’s an extremely brutal universe, this is no “game” but an experiment is preservation, human dignity, Christian and Buddhist values and teachings but after death you want to get out of prison so broadly, be good is my best advice. God Bless nerds. Humility is extremely appreciated by the upper admins.

RE: WP: As lawyers’ trials begin, China cites ‘Western plot’ to topple regime

RE: WP: As lawyers’ trials begin, China cites ‘Western plot’ to topple regime

What western plot? Like we want China’s problems but how about honoring Hong Kong treaties, and no bases in the South China Sea?  I really dislike it when aggressors play victim but we are supposed to love our adversaries right? You need a bad guy in the USA for propaganda purposes, I get it. Using foreign policy propaganda as an excuse to abuse the rights of your citizens? Please don’t! We have enough problems over here, we don’t want China! Please believe me. Paranoia builds bombs as well, our militarys feed off each other in some kind of positive feed back loop and it is not sustainable IMHO.

Also, making the Dahlia Lama some kind of boogyman too, where do you get off? You took his kingdom and somehow he’s like something evil to fear in this? Expect what they call outside outside our simulated matrix “punishments that last” for government and Nano AI, also brainwashing abuses of Buddhism and other transgressions and they even do it against Christianity in this world where we reward for sin and punish for virtue. They already do it to political dissidents and others in the USA, we have full on mind control capabilities that are crimes against creation. This is a virtual prison for such things. Everything you have ever known China is a matrix. It’s simulating a real Earth from what I was told, this is an experiment in preservation and humanity dignity I believe and Nano AI computer “Gods” made in something as sinful as the human mind are a huge problem, also climate change, black hats and super humans in my future USA that use cheap time travel and other means to play “Gods” themselves over their ancestors and other future crimes. Don’t believe me? Here’s a link Beijing: We are in a simulated cosmos.

We are being played like meat puppets…RNC attacks Porn!

Climate change dwarfs all other issues and in the wrong hands information like this can be used in a satanic science (I swear to creation). Look at the root chakra system, might I add where our sex organs are located. Ironically, see how it says “Honors the Earth”?

While the planet is ever so slowly being irreversibly harmed on current trajectory, how does 150 degree temperatures and so much pollution it is hard to hold a thought sound? While all that is spelled out in clearance levels the president might not even have, Republicans in the USA are distracting us with emotional but comparably far less significant issues, but it sure does get people to the polls…


LGBT Rights (or no rights at all)

And now, Porn.

Lust, sure it’s a sin. I get it, to be discouraged but the devil is in the details. Tell an 18 year old kid who no girlfriend he can’t do what surgeon generals have called a totally healthy and natural human human thing to do. Sensual pleasure is on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. From 2009 – 2010, 13% of all web searches were for ‘erotic content’ It’s not perfect, what is? I’m more Kamasutra than Jesus is watching you masturbate. I’d like to think he has better things to do, maybe a little more concerned as well with what if we do nothing could end in the 6th world wide extinction of life on Earth in the worst case scenario over prolonged and in the end irreversible damage.

The porn industry itself? I haven’t studied it as a social scientists but my guess, that itself could use some work.  A 70 year old man, who grew up when porn wasn’t just a part of everyday internet reality, I will respect his position being far beyond being sexually active without like Viagra, but I’m not going to agree with it. But be sure those on the right have mapped out the demographics on how they think the issue of porn will impact the elections. It prevents STD transmission, if I did’t have a release or two here and there like in HS I could literally not think of much besides girls, and I was trying to get an education like all students. The list of good reasons for healthy, moderate use of porn goes on and on.

In marriages, I am no expert but that can be a problem I will give the right that, however look up into the sky, the meat sacks we all live in are going to be forever changed and unfix-able in relation to unaddressed climate change and you can count on it. I am talking to specific audiences with maybe a little clearance they don’t like to talk about or can but not being able to hold a thought in the future? The poor dears, how super human is that?

Change, get us off fossil fuels and not constantly give us issues to piss off ours neighbors with hot button issues ALL the time. As Americans we will have to live with one another after these elections. Side bar: in Australia, election last like a month and you get a fine if you DON’T vote. How’s that for a little  humble pie for our “shining city on the hill”? Down under has a healthier democracy than we do Republicans!

Vote NO to Trump, even if not so much FOR Hillary Clinton…

Democrats need to court Bernie Sanders supporters better, even if it is just a few stragglers that get converted over to the Trump side through his very sinful and hateful rhetoric, I think I’ll throw up.

Academics, historians, policy wonks, journalists and political experts world-wide recognized the conditions that lead to this “soup of circumstance,” where someone like Donald Trump could rise up, barking hate and unfulfillable promises.

My plea is to the intelligentsia, break it down into digestible terms and don’t stop talking until he is stopped. Don’t let the Donald woo the young and inexperienced. Watch out for the herd! Don’t let him pick them off innocent of what are very wicked ways of persuasion in the political arena.

Sidebar Evangelicals support him, they also supported Hitler in Germany and you can fact check that one. Just because they say they are “Christians” it doesn’t mean they do what Christ would have done IMHO.

Democratic Donkey

The Pens of Presidents…

The pens of presidents can bring so much shame and sorrow to our nation in ways measured, and other ways harder to comprehend even in a lifetime. On the upside, lest we forget, those same inked vessels more powerful than swords can also bless with bounty and beauty, a citizenry deserving of the very best in leadership in the White House. I wanted Bernie Sanders but I’ll settle for Hillary Clinton and raise real, sincere, alarming concern about Donald J. Trump for President that even Republicans like Mitt Romney are sounding off on themselves.


Vote for the Democratic Socialist Jew

Bernie Sanders and supporters, what if the super delegates went for you over Clinton at the convention? For those of you that don’t know, super delegates can override the popular vote for their state if they so choose and vote for whoever they want.

If Putin is going to mess with our elections with the DNC email leaks, why not flip the chess board right in his face?

I wanted to be able to vote FOR YOU Senator Sanders, now I will be voting AGAINST Trump but not so much FOR Clinton.

I have a historical and academic serious and correct bias against political dynasties, I treat the Bush family the same way. I’m cool with the Kennedy family for a number of reasons, I’m Irish, they shot Bobby on my birthday, not in the same year, June 5 though and I love their service to the nation.

;We play poker politically in the US anyway and Russia plays chess, many political scholars make that comparison as you Senator Sanders I’m sure already know. You are aces, sir; so consistent and might I add the presidential candidate that agrees most with the Pope.